Friday, April 1, 2011

Chase Me Away From Your Bank

To attack (I meant to say attract) new customers, Chase is now charging $5.00 to get $20 out of one of their machines if you aren't a current customer. Now there is a brilliant trial promotion. Their CEO of banking says he feels good about it.
Chase's Pay $5 to get $20 scheme

In our book, Negotiate Anything!  Secrets to Make Companies Treat You Fairly, one of the tenets is when you have no other options with a business, "Do not reward bad behavior".   You need to switch to a competitor.  Chase is implementing one bad behavior after another.  These work against the consumers best interest.  

Here are some alternatives:
  • Find another ATM with a lower fee. Do not reward bad behavior by Chase.
  • Buy something from a grocery store (gum) and get cash back.
  • Use free ATM's.
  • Change banks... run from Chase.  Essentially they are giving consumers the finger (sorry to be so blunt).
  • Heck, the money store or check and go's cost less than Chase.  Chase is the new bottom feeder.

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