About The Authors

Tom Wilson, former global Sector President at Kimberly-Clark Corporation spent 30 years in consumer products, started up two companies, one manufacturing underground coal mining equipment (Wilson Manufacturing Company, Inc.) and in 2004, The Caregiver Partnership, a national direct to consumer retailer of home medical supplies to the more than 66 million caregivers in the U.S.  He is also co-author of Negotiate Anything!, a 30-year longitudinal study of customer service in the U.S., the first of its kind.

Lynn, his wife has more than two decades of front-line customer service experience at Macys and The CareGiver Partnership.  They are passionate consumer advocates, business leaders and entrepreneurs.  They reside in Neenah, WI, just south of the World Champion Green Bay Packers!

Tom Wilson

Tom and Lynn collaborated to share 30 years of customer service learning, to benefit consumers and business leaders alike.  Their book, Negotiate Anything! is the first and only long term longitudinal study of customer service.

A single incident in 1977 sparked their passion for studying customer service. They began keeping notes they had with companies of all sizes - restaurants, home repair, auto manufacturers, furniture stores, cell phone providers, health care providers and even non-profit organizations.

Over a 30+ year period, they maintained detailed notes of interactions including correspondence to and from companies. They studied the root causes leading to poor and unacceptable service. From this extensive research, they created a new company, The CareGiver Partnership, a national direct to consumer retailer of home health care products and supplies to test the learning from research.  Today, nearly 90% of their customers rate The CareGiver Partnership a 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale.  Their Net Promoter Score (NPS) is consistently over 85%.  If you don't know what an NPS is, you need to purchase the book, "The Ultimate Question.

All their key learning went into providing a new type of service they coined "Personalized Attention Service - 1950's style" which has been the underlying reason for the success of The CareGiver Partnership.  To learn more go to www.caregiverpartnership.com