Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coldwater Creek - Another Dumb Customer Service Policy

Coldwater Creek provides the latest example of just plain dumb business practices that only serve to make consumers angry.   Another bait and switch example. 

Now they are out of business!

In our book, Negotiate Anything!, we devote an entire chapter to "Just Plain Dumb Business Practices" and this one by Coldwater Creek qualifies for this chapter in our next edition. 

My wife was online today and put a $79.99 item in her Coldwater Creek cart and a notice came up on the screen telling her that she qualified for FREE shipping.  She added another item to the cart going over $80.00 (to qualify for the coupon that provided $20 off if you spent $80).  

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chase Me Away From Your Bank

To attack (I meant to say attract) new customers, Chase is now charging $5.00 to get $20 out of one of their machines if you aren't a current customer. Now there is a brilliant trial promotion. Their CEO of banking says he feels good about it.
Chase's Pay $5 to get $20 scheme

In our book, Negotiate Anything!  Secrets to Make Companies Treat You Fairly, one of the tenets is when you have no other options with a business, "Do not reward bad behavior".   You need to switch to a competitor.  Chase is implementing one bad behavior after another.  These work against the consumers best interest.  

Here are some alternatives:
  • Find another ATM with a lower fee. Do not reward bad behavior by Chase.
  • Buy something from a grocery store (gum) and get cash back.
  • Use free ATM's.
  • Change banks... run from Chase.  Essentially they are giving consumers the finger (sorry to be so blunt).
  • Heck, the money store or check and go's cost less than Chase.  Chase is the new bottom feeder.