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"You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you might get what you need."
- The Rolling Stones  

Negotiate Anything! is the culmination of a 30 year study of customer service. It has two audiences. For consumers, it presents secrets to make companies treat them fairly. For businesses, it teaches them how to pull ahead of the competition by providing excellent customer service.

It offers a concise and proven method for consumers to use to start getting their money's worth from companies when things go wrong. It also lets you know the tricks some companies use to bamboozle you and keep you from getting the good service you deserve. The authors show how they have saved well over $30,000 themselves. They are so confident of their method, they provide a written 100% money back guarantee for consumers if they follow the process and don't save at least two times the cost of the book in the first year alone.  Watch sample video.

For businesses, Negotiate Anything! presents the 12 Success Criteria for creating, implementing and tracking a highly differentiated level of customer service designed to drive the top and bottom line. Business owners and leaders will learn how they torture customers and drive them into their competitors’ hands. The causes of deteriorating customer service are reviewed and a clear and pragmatic plan is presented that can be implemented by any size business or organization.

Through the example of their own start-up business, The CareGiver Partnership, we learn how a company that cares about its customers is winning with impeccable, personalized service such as answering all calls by the third ring, by a knowledgeable person in the U.S. This has resulted in over 90% of customers rating them a 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale.

Ask yourself...
  • Does it make you furious when you call a company and are forced to push buttons, make choices and then wait on hold forever only to be connected with someone who can't help anyways?
  • Do you tire of calling your credit card company for overdrafts, penalties and late fees that shouldn't be on your statement? They assume you are guilty until you prove your innocence.
  • Does it upset you that you have to call to "request" a refund when your cable company has a service interruption? Shouldn't it be automatic?
  • Do you find it irritating when you are forced to call a company that has out-sourced their customer service to another country and you simply can't understand the person?
  • How do you feel when checking out of a store and you say "thank you" to the clerk and all you hear in return is "yup", "no problem" or simply nothing at all?

Customer service in the U.S. has deteriorated in the past 30 years and the advent of new technology, such as FAQ's on an organization's website, voice recognition on phone systems, ticket kiosks at airports, self-service gas stations, and outsourcing of customer service, has made it worse, not better.

We guarantee that you will save at least two times the cost of this book in the first year alone if you follow the simple steps provided. If not, you get your money back. These steps will make your money work a lot harder for you by ensuring that organizations you do business with will give you what they promised. We've saved well over $30,000 using this process.

You will learn the four bad customer service words: "behind", "should", "shortly" and "try." These key words almost always signal that there is trouble ahead for you.

  • Unfortunately, he won't be there today because we're running behind. 
  • He should have checked that when he fixed your furnace
  • I'm hoping that we'll be able to send that out to you shorty. 
  • I am going to try to find out what happened.

"Negotiate Anything!" is chock full of real world examples explaining what went wrong, what steps were taken to get our money's worth, lesson's learned and what the organization should have done.

Here is a preview of what's inside:
Why A Primer On Customer Service? - Help Me, Please! - Great Customer Service Is Always In Style - The Four Bad Customer Service Words - The Customer Service Gold Standard - The Sting: How It All Began - Loss Of A 25-Year Loyal Customer - Grounded By The Airlines - Dropped By The Wireless Companies - Just Plain Dumb Business Practices - Vacation Meltdown - Medical Missteps - Home Repair - Rewards. Really? - Credit Cards - A Lemon Into Lemonade - A Righteous Not-For-Profit - Now, Go Get Your Money's Worth!

Praise for "Negotiate Anything!"
“The book is a great wake-up call for business and consumers. Business’s focus for the last decade on cost and balance sheet management, at the expense of giving better products and services to its customers, has now created a great opportunity for those businesses that stick to the only tried-and-true recipe for success — delighting customers with their products and service.”
Wayne R. Sanders
Chairman, Dr. Pepper Snapple
Former Chairman and CEO of Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“Help for the consumer! Knowing that you’re not alone in customer service purgatory and then getting a road map to satisfaction satisfies two needs in one book! Nice work, Tom and Lynn — ‘Negotiate Anything!’ wins one for the consumer!”
Brad Johnson
President, Reynolds Consumer Products
Former President, Elmer’s Products Inc.
Former President and CEO of Hunt Corporation
“‘Negotiate Anything!’ reminds everyone of how it used to be and how it should be now. This book is filled with practical examples and anecdotes that illuminate how well and how poorly many companies treat their customers. It also lets you know the tricks some companies use to bamboozle you and keep you from getting the good service you deserve. Through the example of The CareGiver Partnership, we learn how a company that cares about its customers is winning with impeccable, personalized service. A must-read for consumers, and more importantly, for customer service managers and executives!”

Jim Ebel
Chief Marketing Officer, University of Mississippi
Founder of CenterBrain Partners, Inc., a leading marketing consultancy focused on product positioning
Author of "CenterBrain Thinking: A practical guide to positioning your brand, product or service"
“Finally ... a common-sense approach to what should be innately simple, yet American companies are spending millions of dollars every year trying to figure it out! ‘Negotiate Anything!’ empowers the consumer with practical recommendations to resolve problems and ultimately get what they deserve. Better yet ... a read that could serve as a textbook to customer experience executives, helping their companies avoid the pitfalls of poor customer service. Let the seller beware.”

Richard Worick
President/CEO, The MSR Group, a national market research firm specializing in the measurement and improvement of customer satisfaction and advocacy
“As consumers become more conscious of their spending habits and look for increasing value for their money, they are demanding a higher quality level of service from the companies they purchase products from. ‘Negotiate Anything!’ is a well-timed book that provides consumers with clear, actionable steps to ensure they receive the level of service they deserve. It is unique in that it also challenges business owners to rethink the cost-savings strategies that have been driven by technology over the past two decades, and to instead focus on the increased profitability that comes from creating strong, loyal customers through ‘old-fashioned’ customer service.”

Steve Carlson
Former Senior Vice President, Marketing, HSBC
Principal, Sung Carlson Associates: A management consulting firm specializing in increasing customer value
“Tom and Lynn’s perspective and insights will help every business leader realize the impact customer service has on a brand. It can fuel significant revenue growth. As an organization that handles over 15 million customer calls and 24 million e-mails, we will use the book to continue improving our customer relationships.”

James F. Bere, Jr.
Chairman and CEO, Alta Resources, an international organization helping companies with customer support and more

Lynn WilsonIn 2004, Lynn Wilson co-founded The CareGiver Partnership, along with her husband, Tom, as a natural extension of her many years of experience caring for loved ones and providing excellent customer service in the world of retail. Lynn grew up in Naperville, Illinois, and attended Northern Illinois University and the University of Illinois–Chicago, where she studied marketing and psychology.
Lynn was a stay-at-home mom when it wasn’t popular. Now that her children are grown, she enjoys spending two days each week with her granddaughter, helps care for her mother long-distance, and is raising the next generation of her family, a poodle named Stella. In addition, Lynn prides herself on offering excellent Personalized AttentionSM service to help her customers in any way she can.

Tom WilsonAlong with wife Lynn, Tom Wilson co-founded The CareGiver Partnership in 2004. Tom has 36 years of marketing and executive-level experience building consumer packaged goods businesses with Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive. Tom was formerly president of Kimberly-Clark’s global Feminine Care and Adult Care products business segments.
An entrepreneur at heart, Tom, along with Lynn, started their first company in their 20s, manufacturing underground coal-mining equipment. Later they sold the company to Alco-Standard Corporation. More than 30 years ago, Tom and Lynn began documenting customer service issues they encountered with various companies and organizations. They used these experiences to create The CareGiver Partnership, offering a whole new level of service to caregivers and their loved ones.

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