Consulting & Speaking Engagment

Customers Service Consulting
We have been consulting with businesses of all sizes since 2004 to help them improve business results by providing enhanced and differentiated customer service.  This include small family run businesses and large global corporations.

Tom Wilson
As entrepreneurs, we have experience in start-ups having started up two businesses - one manufacturing coal mining equipment and one in direct to consumer retailing.  We know what it takes to create customer service excellence and measure and track it.  Many businesses don't measure their service and have no idea why customers come and go. For a fraction of the cost of revenue you're losing from customers who leave, we can show you how enhance and measure your performance.

In our experience, large organizations focus on customer service is on cost control rather than providing than exceeding customer service expectations.  They invest in service to meet the minimum threshold.  Business leaders responsible for service don't have the support from senior management to help their companies excel.  Over the years, we've worked with some of the largest global corporations to help them better meet customer service expectations.

Customer Service Speakers and Keynote Presenters
Those who can't - teach.  Those who can, do.  Unlike most speakers with a limited background or one focused solely on acedemia,  we preach what we practice.  We engage our experience as entrepreneurs and senior business leaders.  Tom was in Marketing Management with Colgate (New York) for 9 years managing brands such as Colgate and Palmolive.  He was also with Kimberly-Clark for 21 years -- as President of their Global Feminine Care and Adult Care business sectors.  He managed 6 plants, over 3500 employees, revenue of +$1 billion and brands including Kotex, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Depend and Poise.

Lynn and Tom also created the Wilson Manufacturing Company (WMC, Inc). with Tom's brother.  WMC manufactured coal mining equipment.  Alco Standard, a Fortune 500 company at the time, acquired WMC. In 2004, Lynn and Tom founded The CareGiver Partnership, a national direct to consumer retailer of a broad range of home medical supplies to tap into the growing senior populations needs.

They are co-authors of Negotiate Anything!, a 30-year longitudinal study of customer service in the U.S. - the first of its kind.  Negotiate Anything is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, SmashWords and other retailers -- in both soft cover and all eBook formats.

Their presentations are custom tailored, very direct and usefully pragmatic.  They have their team conduct a deep dive on an organization before agreeing to speak.  They then share their results during their speaking engagement.  They are totally flexible to accommodate any situation or business need. 

They are fast paced, fun and engaging.  They bring total credibility, having "been there and done that."